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A Portal to Another World?

Burn Baby Burn

Child Knife Attack Plunges Ireland into GUBU territory

Two Years Too Late - HPRA knew about menstrual issues

Recycling Ruse Rumbled by Tracking Device

Safe Access Zones Bill - Dáil Debate Underway

In America

Deaths of 15-24 yr olds up 30% in Ireland

Dáil hears Calls for Inquiry into Excess Deaths

Thank You Little Flower

Physio shared personal views on covid, vaccines and masks - Fitness to Practice inquiry

Six thousand sign to save Doolin's Old Pier

Dr Billy Ralph's letter to the Irish Times

Who sent nasty letters to the McGintys?

Ugly Hits the Streets : Let Women Speak

Nurse Gabby + RTE's Katie Hannon on the topic of Vaccine Injuries

Irish family seek detection of vaccine spike protein post autopsy

Cottage Academy: Explorations in Doubt

There is no "pharmaceutical test"

Update for subscribers...

Coroner delivers verdict at McGinty inquest


Verdict due today + Video Interview

“If he didn’t take a vaccine he would be alive today” – Dr Peter McCullough

Who tampered with Joseph’s vaccine record?

A trip to Limerick Vax Clinic

Pfizer needs to correct the record in answers offered at Inquest

A Podcast from Croagh Patrick

Cottage Academy: Freaks on The Reek

State medicines watchdogs find 'no causal link' between vaccine and boy's tragic death

Pfizer fails to provide evidence of 'threats’ that prevented vaccine director's attendance at inquest

Pfizer's vaccines director gives evidence via video link - inquest

Barrister: 'Is there any protocol or series of tests that could definitively rule in or out the vaccine as a cause of death?'

Autopsy methods investigating vaccine link in teen death 'inadequate' - GP offers observation on inquest

Boy (14) died a day before his scheduled second Pfizer shot

State body reps will not attend Mayo teen's inquest, tomorrow

Cottage Academy: Walking without Ralph

Oh the Humanity! Liveline caller nails RTE vaccine Hypocrisy

Covid coverage was 'Excellent Factual Information' - Minister


Sunday Times asks RTE to explain 'lack of alarm' over Excess Deaths

Pfizer witness told not to attend Mayo teen's inquest due to online 'threats'

The network naughty step

Confessions from the Cottage

Residents committee established as government backs off Corofin

Fears family home to house 44 asylum seekers in rural Clare

'Much loved character' (69) died a day after flu vaccine

Everyday Amazing Adventures

Coroner ‘not aware’ of formal research into deaths post vaccine

Coroners Respond to Increased Death Rates

Green Light for the US Flight

YouTube is Compromised

In the Firing Line

CMO, NIAC, HPRA to attend boy (14) inquest

Men of Faith

Books: "Stay Extremely Safe"

Mayara is concerned for her fertility

"It was like living in a torture chamber"

'How was this trial information kept from us?'

Barry felt a pang of dread pre-Pfizer. He 'stamped it out.'

'I'd give anything to get my health back'

What's behind Irish media silence on vaccine harm?

Irish Exchequer is funding €1billion combined cost of Ukraine & IPAS

O'Gorman's Department diverted €6m from Ukraine fund to Asylum Seekers - FOI

Irish Muslims tackle Ireland’s inclusion illusion

Civil servants scrambled to fund Minister's LGBTQ+ campaign

In company with Cows

Senior medics talk vaccine harm as boosters plummet to 2%

EU lifts Sanctions on Syria

Are babies at greater risk from vaccine than Covid?

Dissecting excess deaths

Return to Father Ned

Sanctions impact earthquake ravaged Syria

"Who is Patrick O'Connor?"

Unpublished: Excess Death rate dropped in 2020

Coroner seeks vaccine trial data from pharma giant Pfizer

Dublin Says No to Savage Tactics on Show

Americans among those seeking Irish asylum