What an amzing series of interviews this has been. In a rational and sensible world Louise would be commended by her peers for her excellent journalism. She might even get an award or two. But we don't live in such a world and sadly silence is probably the best she can hope for.

What comes across to me in these interviews is that these were smart and curious-minded people who often researched what they were about to do before getting the first jab. They retain faith in the medical establishment, and hope to find a kind doctor who will at least listen to them, if not believe their interpretation as to why they are ill. That is completely understandable. I was once like that myself.

It must be very difficult to accept that these jabs have had such a bad effect on their health when all they were trying to do was be good citizens by safeguarding their families and their communities. But their health has been damaged and I hope they can recover completely.

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All of us who didn't take the vaccine never got sick. I had a positive test but it was milder than a cold and lasted less than 24 hours. She had a bad dose because of her vaccines. It's good her doctor recognises it but he is not speaking out publicly.

Interesting another vaccine is included in her protocol.

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Ivermectin, Ivermectin Ivermectin.

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Re Ivy... From communicating with other vaccine injured sufferers in a number of different support groups, Ivy is getting very mixed reviews from the vaccine injured. As a community, the vaccine injured receive well intended protocols from people very regularly, I'd say most days. If we tried everything suggested to us we'd be rattling around like a babies toy. There's a lot also to be said for less is more. A lot of us react to the mixers in medication and supplements because of MCAS symptoms. There is no one treatment that fits all. These interviews are snippets of what happened to us, and speaking for myself my full story is much more harrowing and scary than I could fit in approx 2400 words. I have a tendency to agree with you about ivy Tom, but likewise if someone wants to try it, that's their decision and it's not for me to tell them if they should or shouldn't. It's not my body. People are entitled to opinions on what we should or shouldn't do, but until you've walked in our shoes, which I wouldn't wish on anyone, all the different advise and information coming at you everyday can be really overwhelming. So please try not to dictate, be unnecessarily cruel, or lack empathy when offering advise. Just offer it without expectations and leave it at that.lSomeone left a comment on one of the other interviews 'politics has no place in compassion.' Not a truer words has been said.

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MRNA were the snake oil.Tom. Surely you know by now.

Ivermectin was made patent free because it cures River blindness caused by parasite.

The spike acts like a parasite within the body.

As for on/off message,: ivermectin has helped countless people with post jab illnesses. Please look up the Protocol for Detox on World Council for Health website, which is based on ongoing efforts to help people like Msyara to recover.

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There was something about the range of anti parasitics (hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin) that was very effective from the beginning of whatever this 'thing' was. I hesitate to call it a virus.

DARPA alerted the FDA to the efficacy of ivermectin from which point on came the smear campaign (horse tranquilizer anyone?).

There could be no EUA for any novel 'countermeasure' if there was a known effective treatment.

Interestingly research from Madagascar showed that artemesia annua (Chinese wormwood) was equally effective. (This is also traditionally an antiparasitic - so possibly a similiar mechanism).

L Lysine was also an effective treatment.

That's some cocktail that girl is on. Probably no need for most of it to my mind.

I'd monitor the Vit D with bloods.. Magnesium will raise the blood level. I'd also make sure there is adequate K2 to ensure the Vit D doesn't mobilize calcium to soft tissue..

I'd be very slow to take iron in an inflammatory or infectious state. The body will naturally sequester iron away so as to minimize the Fenton reaction (iron catalyzes hydroxyl radical production)

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