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Excellent article Louise I really like your work as it's well researched ,informative,interesting and well written.

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Great piece. Further evidence of the lunacy that has infected the Irish establishment.

I'm old enough to remember when Michael Mac Liammoir and Hilton Edwards (2 gay Englishmen) lived and worked in Dublin, enriching our culture with their art and their colourful presence. Everyone knew they were gay but no one cared. In fact they were beloved. As was Phil Lynott, a black Irishman and a beautiful guy.

Funny how these and others could flourish in the Catholic Ireland of recently bygone days. Yet now we need constitutional and legal restraints on our "racism" and "sexism".

I am not a fan of the triumphalist Catholic Church typified by the late Archbishop McQuaid, nor of the narrow-minded Gaelic state led by de Valera. So I do not feel nostalgic for the past. But anything McQuaid or Dev said or did back then is as nothing compared to the BS being spouted by our current leaders.

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I have always thought that in order to successfully bring in social change to Ireland the control of the Catholic Church had to be undermined. Investigations and tribunals of abuses by the catholic church were the perfect vehicle to do this. This is not to doubt in any way that abuses did take place . As it did in every facet of society in Ireland and in every other country. In those times there was no proper governance of social, education or health services . It was inevitable that abuse took place. It was a different world, a poverty stricken country , chronic immigration and a God fearing country. Of course there was abuse and criminality. The only abuse being investigated however is that where the catholic church were involved because it serves a political purpose. And in fairness it is a strategy that has worked 100% in Ireland. The catholic church power is now totally undermined. We now are talking about teaching our kids in primary school about transgender issues . We celebrate as progress the number of abortions we carry out.

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People telling stories should not always be role models ,Unlikely messengers ,I think we know now that Tommy Tiernan fits that role very well .

Thanks Louise

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